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Who Is At Fault In A Single Car Accident?

Posted on : October 30, 2021

Can Another Party Be At Fault for a Single-Car Accident? 

Most automobile accident complaints involve more than one automobile, and usually, a single driver is to blame for the majority of the collision. However, in cases where just one car is involved in a collision, another party may still have contributed to the accident. 

Here’s what you should know and how to get the legal help you need after a devastating motor vehicle collision. 

How Other Drivers May Be Responsible In a Single-Car Crash 

Single-vehicle collisions can happen for a variety of reasons. For example, a tire blowout can cause a driver to lose control of their car, causing an accident. Here are several examples of how drivers in single-car accidents may not be liable: 

  • A driver had to swerve to avoid an accident with another vehicle who was making a traffic violation 
  • Poorly secured items flew off a cargo truck and struck the driver’s car 
  • Road construction made driving dangerous, especially if there were no warnings present  
  • The vehicle had one or more defective parts 
  • A pedestrian or bicyclist jumped out into the flow of traffic 

Who Might Be Liable In a Single-Car Accident? 

In these scenarios, other people who may be responsible for a single-vehicle incident include:

  • Businesses that transport goods
  • Cargo loading and unloading companies 
  • Other motorists 
  • Bicycle riders 
  • Pedestrians
  • Government agencies in charge of road maintenance

How to Prove It 

In an automobile accident case, the plaintiff must show that another person was responsible and that this conduct directly caused the accident and resulting injuries. You must be able to show that you would not have wrecked if the other person had not been negligent. However, connecting a one-car collision to the acts of another person might be difficult. Their insurance provider is highly likely to deny your claim, claiming that the accident was your own fault. 

You’ll need compelling proof to illustrate that there was no possible way to avoid the accident. You might also have to refute accusations that you were driving while intoxicated, texting and driving, or otherwise acting irresponsibly.

What Damages Are Covered?  

Covered damages may include but aren’t limited to medical bills, vehicle repair expenses, lost wages, and in cases where a loved one dies, funeral expenses. 

Injured In a Single-Car Accident? Contact a Georgia Car Accident Lawyer Now 

If you or a loved one were hurt in a single-car accident, call Appalachian Injury Law today at (706) 515-1995 or toll-free at (800) 393-8595. 

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