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Holding Pharmaceutical Companies Responsible for Defective Drugs

Posted on : July 24, 2017
Georgia Defective Drug Lawyer
When you take a medicine prescribed to you by your doctor, you assume it was tested for safety and efficacy and your doctor believes it safe to take. Unfortunately, the medical and pharmaceutical industries are profit-driven. This means that many unsafe drugs make it to market. Also, many doctors prescribe drugs that they may or […]
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Products Most Likely to Be Defective

Posted on : December 1, 2016
Georgia Defective Product Attorney
When purchasing and using a product, you don’t expect an injury from the product. You don’t expect your child to choke on a harmless-looking toy. Nor do you expect to have serious side effects from a medication your doctor prescribed. But these situations happen every day. Learn more about what products are most likely to be defective and […]
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