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What Are the Signs of a Dog Bite Infection?

Posted on : November 26, 2018
Attorney For Dog Bites in Georgia
Some dog bite wounds appear minor at first, but in reality, they can be very deep puncture wounds. Deep wounds are more prone to infections, which can be absolutely detrimental if proper medical care is not provided quickly. Contrary to the popular belief that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s, the bacteria in […]
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Can Vets and Vet Techs Bring a Dog Bite Claim Forward?

Posted on : September 12, 2017
Georgia Dog Bite Lawyer
Most dogs bite when provoked. Few people would argue that a visit to the vet is frightening for a dog. This puts veterinarians and their technicians at risk, although it “comes with the job,” so to speak. However, there are some circumstances allowing a veterinarian or a vet tech to bring a dog bite claim […]
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Who Has Liability in a Dog Bite Case?

Posted on : April 21, 2015
Dog attacks can be devastating, especially when the victim is a child. Dog bite victims may have legal recourse through a dog bite injury claim. A settlement may provide for medical bills, lost wages, and emotional suffering due to the injury. However, in order to obtain a settlement, someone must be held responsible. Who has […]
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