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UCLA Study Challenges Long Held Belief That Teens Are Dangerous Drivers

Posted on : March 11, 2018

A University of California at Los Angeles study found that many teenagers were actually more effective and safer behind the wheel than older motorists, even when they were navigating on some of the worst roads throughout the state. 100 novice drivers were used to complete this study.

The participants working with an even split for men and women: 50 of the participants were female and 50 of them were male. Researchers found that a higher skill rating was associated with being a younger male when compared with men in their 20s who were also getting ready for the test. Younger women in general tended to report feeling less confident behind the wheel but they were more safety conscious and therefore, more equal to their male counterparts when it came to overall safety.

Teenagers have to pay the most for car insurance in any age group and still have the most property damaging, injury causing, and fatal accidents than any other age group. The study, however, did offer key clues about which teens could make better drivers. The study hypothesized that the high accident rate of younger drivers, and in particular, younger men, was due to inattention to safety considerations rather than lack of actual driving ability behind the wheel.

Those who spent the majority of their free time playing sports ended up being the best drivers in the study as compared with those who spent most of their free hours in front of a computer screen or playing video games, and those drivers scored approximately average. Drivers who participated in sports were much more likely to hit the brakes quickly when an impending accident presented itself. If you or someone you know has already been involved in an accident with a teenage driver, you need to consult with a lawyer.

No matter how an accident happened, if the victim was left with severe injuries and cannot pay his or her bills or move on with life, this can lead to a personal injury lawsuit filed to recover compensation.

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