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New Study Shows Many Drivers Are Distracted but Don’t Believe They Are

Posted on : April 20, 2018
Distracted Driving Accident Attorney

Distracted driving is a growing epidemic throughout the United States. But unfortunately, although drivers recognize the dangers, they still admit to participating in the behavior on a regular basis. A recent study known as the 2018 Travelers’ Risk Index identifies that there is a significant gap between what people perceive and what they actually do in terms of distracted driving. The study looked at perception of risks and distracted driving between passengers and drivers and showed that drivers tended to assume they were less distracted than they really are behind the wheel.

Vehicle accidents have risen throughout the country and as a result, insurance costs have gone up as well. Insurance companies have to respond to a growing number of accidents, particularly those tied to distracted driving. With more vehicles on the road traveling for leisure and for work, there has been an increase in crash rates and the cost to treat these injuries and repair these vehicles also increases, driving the cost of insurance up.

Approximately 40% of drivers who participated in the risk index study admitted to being distracted for at least 15 minutes out of every one hour behind the wheel. Despite this, nearly 85% of survey respondents also shared that they agreed distracted driving was a serious risk and one that could put others in danger of catastrophic consequences, should an accident occur. Many people seem to have a false sense of confidence about their ability to remain focused even when they are distracted by something inside or outside of the vehicle.

Distracted driving is a very common claim in vehicle accident lawsuits; it might help you win compensation for your medical bills and other expenses if you can show that another person was responsible.

If you have already been hurt in an accident that you believe to have been caused by distracted driving, it is imperative that you gather the evidence and consult with an experienced attorney immediately. This is the best way to protect yourself over the long term.  


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