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How Will I Know If My Injury Settlement Is Good Or Not?

Posted on : January 20, 2021

If you’ve been injured in an accident that was the result of someone else’s negligence, it’s important to ensure that you’re properly compensated. Knowing whether or not a settlement offer is good enough to accept can be challenging — here are some ways to tell and where to get the legal advocacy you need after being injured. 

Your Doctor Says You’ve Recovered As Much As Possible  

Maximum medical improvement, or MMI, means that you’ve reached the end of your recovery road and things are “as good as they’re going to get.” If your doctor hasn’t yet stated that you’ve reached MMI and there are still treatments available for you, it’s typically in your best interest to wait to settle so any additional expenses can be included. 

The Settlement Includes Your Medical Bills, Property Damage, Etc. 

If your settlement offer includes all of your financial damages, this is a good start. If it doesn’t, you can be sure that it’s already insufficient and you should work to renegotiate an amount that at least covers the entirety of your economic damages. 

You Have Money For Upcoming Related Healthcare Costs 

Chances are, you’ll have some future medical expenses related to the injury you experienced. This could be medications, ongoing therapy, or even corrective surgery. You should ensure that there’s enough funding in your settlement to cover these expenses, since you won’t be able to continue to pursue financial compensation once you accept a settlement offer. 

You’re Being Well Compensated for Your Pain and Suffering 

Another important element of a good personal injury settlement is compensation for pain and suffering, or non-economic damages. This amount is subjective and is calculated using the evidence you’ve shown that the injury you experienced severely impacted your life and the lives of your family and loved ones that had to care for you while you were unable to do so for yourself. If your settlement doesn’t include funds for non-economic damages, it’s likely in your best interests to make a counteroffer. 

Get the Full and Fair Compensation You Deserve — Call Now 

Don’t hesitate to secure legal representation after you or someone you care about were hurt in an accident caused by another person’s wanton disregard for your safety. Contact experienced Georgia personal injury law firm Appalachian Injury Law now for your initial consultation by calling (706) 515-1995 or toll free at (800) 393-8595. We’re available now to discuss your options for getting the financial restitution you deserve.  

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