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Could I Ever Be Held Responsible For Another Persons Driving?

Posted on : January 19, 2018
responsibilities over another driver

Responsibilities Over Another Driver

In the vast majority of personal injury cases involving vehicles, the critical issue is which driver is at fault for the accident. However, if someone else was operating your vehicle, could you be held liable in a personal injury lawsuit? Knowing your rights and responsibilities under the law is extremely important.

Assigning Fault

The law can assign fault to someone who is not driving or even inside the car at the time of the incident. When you have an insurance policy, it’s important to ensure you considered all potential drivers of the car covered by the carrier. When including teenagers on your insurance, for example, the premiums will likely go up to cover the additional risk, but it will give you necessary protection in the event of an accident.

But what happens if someone else was using your car and gets into an accident? Could you be named in a personal injury claim for a person who got into an accident while using your car?

In some situations, a non-driving owner might be named in an injury lawsuit.

The law can hold employers, for example, responsible for wrongful acts such as negligent driving or hiring practices when those acts are carried out by someone doing their job duties. This comes under the legal theories known as imputed, negligent, or vicarious liability. If you let someone else drive your car, you as the car owner could be legally responsible for negligent driving — if you gave someone else permission to drive your car. It is important to realize that you may face personal injury claims that you will need to defend against.

Choosing who to allow to operate your car is one way to minimize the potential consequences and concerns. With so many questions on the line, schedule a consultation with a personal injury lawyer if you were hurt in such an accident or if you are concerned about another party bringing a legal claim against you due to another person causing a devastating accident with your vehicle.

If you are facing a predicament that you are fearful will make you responsible for another driver, protect yourself and seek help by contacting our office today.

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