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What is Propeller Safety?

Posted on : July 15, 2018


What do you need to know about boat propeller safety?  Unfortunately, what you don’t know could really hurt you when it comes to boat propeller safety.  Far too many people are critically injured when they come into contact with a boat propeller and the injuries are often severe, disabling or even fatal.  Understanding the dangerous operation of a propeller and how to best protect yourself is extremely important. You should be aware of some of the most common ways in which boating accidents associated with the propeller happen.  

They can occur when the boat is reversed to pick up a passenger. Furthermore, it is never safe to board or exit from the water while an engine is idling because the propeller can continue to spin even when the boat is in neutral.  An engine cut-off switch located on a boat can save a driver’s life if he or she is thrown from the vessel.

Many propeller accidents can be prevented, but these incidents boil down to the fact that people don’t realize how they have put themselves in danger with these big machines. Being mindful of the propeller and educating everyone on board can prevent accidents and even save lives.

A typical three blade propeller connected with the boat, running at 3,200 rpm, can leave 160 cuts on the human body in one second.  This can travel from the length of someone’s head to their toes in less than a tenth of a second. Meaning the propeller safety is something we should always be taking seriously. Educating everyone on the boat about the most dangerous aspects of a spinning propeller, can help to decrease the chances of a catastrophic accident.  If you have already been hurt in such an incident and need support from an experienced attorney, schedule a consultation with the boating accident lawyer today.

Boating accidents can be catastrophic, but getting help from a lawyer immediately can give you some peace of mind.

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