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Should I Still Go to the Hospital After a Collision If I Don’t Feel Hurt?

Posted on : September 2, 2021
East Ellijay Car Accident


A car or truck accident can be devastating and seriously impact your life now and in the future. Or, it can initially seem like a minor collision that likely only requires vehicle repairs. 

You may not initially know how serious your car accident was right away; it’s not uncommon for crashes that look bad to result in no injuries and collisions that look minor to result in critical or even deadly injuries. Is it necessary to get medical care after every accident? Here’s what you should know.  

Some Injuries Aren’t Felt Right Away After a Car Crash 


When injured, the body produces large amounts of adrenaline, or the “fight or flight” hormone. This can make someone feel as though they aren’t hurt even though they actually are. In reality, a car accident victim could be critically injured and not realize it, most often if the injuries aren’t easily visible. For example, broken bones and internal bleeding can be masked by adrenaline and missed during self-evaluation. 

If You Don’t See a Doctor, Will It Hurt Your Accident Case?


Waiting to get checked out by a doctor, or not getting checked out at all, can do more than exacerbate your injuries. It can also make it more difficult for you to pursue a car accident claim. Attorneys for the at-fault party can build a strong defense in these circumstances; it’s easy for them to suggest waiting for or declining medical treatment means that you weren’t really hurt and therefore compensation is unnecessary. 

How Working With a Car Accident Lawyer Protects Your Interests 


It’s in your best interests to consult with a car accident attorney after being hurt in a collision after you receive prompt medical attention immediately after the crash. Your lawyer can even visit you in the hospital and help you get treatment from the right specialists, all while preserving your right to seek financial restitution. 

Reach Out to Appalachian Injury Law Now for Help 


You need experienced legal help after you or a family member is injured in a car accident. The attorney you choose to represent your case has a significant impact on its outcome; a new lawyer may not be able to secure the maximum possible settlement available. A veteran attorney, however, can increase your chances of a favorable outcome exponentially. Call Appalachian Injury Law at (706) 515-1995 or toll-free at (800) 393-8595 for your consultation appointment. 

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