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Most Common Causes Of Truck Accidents

Posted on : May 11, 2021
Dalton Truck Accident Attorney

What Are The Most Common Types Of Trucking Accidents?

Being seriously injured in a trucking accident has the potential to change your life forever. Consulting with an attorney immediately after such an accident happens may be the only way for you to recover the compensation you need for your medical bills. There are many different parties that could be held liable for a trucking accident and sadly, trucking accidents are some of the leading causes of injuries throughout the United States.

You need a lawyer who has a nationwide reputation for fighting hard on behalf of trucking accident victims, Appalachian Injury Law can help. The type of accident involving 80,000 lb. trucks can have seriously significant consequences from that involving two passage vehicles. Impaired driving, improperly trained drivers, driver fatigue and more are some of the common causes of trucking accidents.

How Can You Help Prevent A Trucking Accident?

Other preventative issues can include improper truck maintenance, distracted driving, equipment failure, and speeding. Unsafe driving practices put everyone on the road at risk but because of the weight and size of any commercial truck, particularly when it is fully loaded, it may be the victims in other vehicles to sustain the most serious type of injuries. It’s important to take measures to prevent any of the aforementioned issues to make sure that all drivers on the road remain safe.

Common Trucking Accident Injuries

Common injuries include:

  • traumatic brain injuries, 
  • spinal cord paralysis, 
  • broken bones, 
  • fractures, 
  • scars, burn injuries and more. 

A vehicle can even become pinned underneath the carriage of a truck and make it difficult or impossible for the driver and other passengers to exit the vehicle.

Having a thorough investigation of any trucking accident is strongly recommended because it will be necessary for the lawyer to illustrate a comprehensive strategy in a personal injury case. Talking with a lawyer immediately is the only way to protect your rights as you have a limited period of time in which you can file a claim.

Get Immediate Legal Help With Your Truck Accident Injuries, Call Now.


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