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How Do I Show Evidence of My Pain & Suffering?

Posted on : April 13, 2021
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Damages for pain and suffering can be included in your accident claim if your injuries were critical, severe, or costly. 

You can show evidence of your pain and suffering after an injury or accident by: 

Getting Copies of Your Hospital Records  

Your hospital records are one of the most important pieces of information in your personal injury case. In addition to copies of your medical records that describe the severity and nature of your injuries, the cost of the healthcare you required can be used to help illustrate the kind of pain and suffering you had to endure. 

For example, if you stayed in the hospital after your accident or needed an extensive amount of physical therapy, these records may be a helpful tool for your personal injury attorney to justify the damages you are seeking.

Taking Lots of Pictures  

Photographic evidence can be a very compelling way to showcase how difficult your healing journey was. If you have pictures of the scene of the accident, your injuries, and any damage to your property that may have occurred, you will likely have an easier time seeking substantial damages for pain and suffering. 

If it’s feasible, start taking pictures at the scene. Obtain as much visual evidence as you can to depict how severe the accident was. Continue to take photos throughout your healing journey, particularly if it takes a long time. Consider including notes with the photos about how you were feeling at the time, such as if you were in pain or unable to engage in certain activities at the time.    

Getting Mental Health Support  

Pain and suffering following a sudden and severe accident isn’t just physical; mental anguish is often significant for victims and should be compensated for. Consider obtaining mental health support following the accident to process any traumatic memories and emotions you have from the incident. 

It’s common to have nightmares, flashbacks, anxiety, panic attacks, and numbness or depression following an accident, especially if you needed extensive medical care. Your attorney can use your mental health records to help illustrate how badly you suffered as a result of the accident. 

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