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How Do I Pay My Personal Injury Lawyer?

Posted on : December 28, 2020

Being injured or involved in an accident is devastating enough without worrying about how you’ll pay for all the expenses. You can file a legal claim, but you may be concerned that you won’t be able to afford the lawyer first. However, accident attorneys often work on contingency, making it easier for victims to pursue financial compensation without worrying about expenses until later. Here’s what you should understand about contingency. 

Contingency Arrangements Explained 


Contingency arrangements, also called contingent fees, allow accident and injury victims to pay nothing up front to be represented by an attorney. The attorney accepts their case based on how likely they are to be successful, and only takes a percentage of the settlement award if the plaintiff wins their case. If they lose, no payment is required. 

Why Accident Attorneys Take Contingency 


While most attorneys in other areas of practice charge up front for their services, accident attorneys usually use the contingency model. This is because the large majority of people hurt in accidents don’t have enough funding to cover the cost of legal representation up front until they receive a settlement. Without this payment model, the only other option accident victims have is to not file a claim at all, meaning they wouldn’t get the compensation they deserve. 


Contingency arrangements allow attorneys to take on cases they truly feel passionate about and believe will be successful, and enables people to get legal assistance who otherwise would likely not have been able to do so. 

How Much You’ll Pay Out of Pocket 


Most personal injury attorneys charge 30% to 35% or so of the total settlement award issued to the plaintiff at the end of the case. You may be able to negotiate this percentage prior to the point at which the attorney takes your case depending on the circumstances of your injury. You should also be aware that you may be required to cover incurred expenses, like travel and lodging if necessary. 

Where to Get the Legal Support You Need 


Few things are more devastating tham being involved in a sudden accident or being injured through no fault of your own. Contact seasoned Georgia accident and personal injury law firm Appalachian Injury Law now for your free consultation by calling (706) 515-1995 or toll free at (800) 393-8595. We’re available now to discuss your options for bringing forward a claim for the compensation you deserve.

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