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Fatal Truck Accidents In Georgia

Posted on : February 8, 2022
Appalachin Truck Accident Lawyer

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Motor vehicle accidents involving commercial trucks and passenger vehicles account for a substantial portion of the increased number of traffic-related fatalities in Georgia. In 2017, there were 1540 total traffic fatalities in Georgia. In 2018 293,614 accidents in Georgia, and 6,959 were listed as “suspected serious”. Many of these annual accidents involve trucks and unfortunately, a large number of truck accidents will also include fatalies.

Regulation Safety For Georgia Commercial Trucks

How do Fatal Truck Accidents Happen? Who is to blame? If a loved one was injured in a truck accident and fatally injured, you may be so overwhelmed that you cannot begin to conceive of what is supposed to come next. Commercial Trucks are regulated so, does that mean that the entity that regulates trucking can be held responsible for a truck fatality?  The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is responsible for regulating safety within the commercial trucking industry through the administration of:

  • safety fitness;
  • federal safety;
  • hazardous material regulation;
  • compliance,
  • investigation and enforcement activities;
  • rulemaking initiatives;
  • and information collection, analysis, and dissemination programs.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs) are enforced by State Troopers who conduct roadside inspections of commercial trucks as well as by other federal, state, or local law enforcement officers. As you can see from the information provided thus far, finding the parties responsible for a fatal loss of a loved one in a Truck Accident requires complex knowledge.

State Trooper Authority Over Commercial Vehicles In Georgia

State Troopers have the authority to stop commercial vehicles for safety inspections, based on the reasonable cause that the vehicle is being operated in violation of one or more FMCSRs. The size of these vehicles makes them inherently dangerous to smaller cars, bikes, and motorcycles which are compromised by their size when sharing our roadways.

What Happens After A Fatal Truck Accident In Georgia?

When an accident involving a truck takes place, the occupants of the truck are usually not injured as severely as those riding in small passenger vehicles or motorcycles. This often leads to fatalities in passenger vehicles. It is important for people unfortunate enough to be involved in a serious truck accident to contact a Georgia personal injury attorney immediately after receiving medical treatment. Surviving loved ones will find solace in seeking legal counsel so that their deceased loved one can have justice. A knowledgeable Georgia personal injury attorney will know how insurance coverage works with this type of claim and can help protect your legal rights following such an incident as well assist families of the deceased seek justice and compensation.

Get Qualified Truck Injury Legal Support From Appalachian Injury Law: Call For Help

An experienced Appalachian Personal Injury Attorney can help you identify what parties are potentially responsible for your injuries, and then guide you through the process of recovering full and fair compensation. While compensation may be the last thing on your mind, most professionals will advise you to preserve and protect your rights whenever and wherever possible, that includes suffering injuries as a result of another’s negligence. This area of law is complicated and requires a great deal of experience to successfully navigate the legal system on behalf of an injured client.

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