Dalton Georgia: What You Need To Know

Dalton, Georgia is home to just over 34,000 people. It is known as the carpet capital of the world and is approximately 30 miles south of Chattanooga and 80 miles north of the major city of Atlanta. Dalton is located in northwest Georgia and serves as the county seat for Whitfield.

It can be identified at the southern edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Behind the city of Rome, Dalton is the second biggest city located in north-west Georgia and is home to many of the floor covering manufacturers for the entire country. The area also has mild temperatures throughout the year with numbers in the 60s and 70s quite common.

History Of Dalton

A rich civil war history, plenty of landmarks and historic houses make up some of the wonderful amenities and cultural highlights of this city. The North-West Georgia Trade and Convention Center hosts events over the course of the year and also features the Georgia Athletic Coaches Hall of Fame.

The United States Census Bureau identified that Dalton, GA covers 19.8 square miles. The median household income for people living in Dalton as of 2015 was $39651. The natural beauty and the history make the carpet capital of the world an amazing place to live or visit.

Appalachian Mountains

The gateway of the Civil War to the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains provide plenty of adventurous opportunities. Dalton is just a few miles north of the western and Atlantic Railroad Tunnel and Heritage Center and close to the Chattanooga National Military Park. Cherokee sites of Chief Vann House and the New Echota are some of best maintained native American sites that are popular to visit in the area.

A wonderful downtown is the pinnacle of Dalton, GA with many dining and shopping choices. With easy access along I-75, Dalton, GA is a great place to live, stop or shop.

Whether you’re thinking of just visiting or moving in for good, there’s a lot to offer here that will keep you entertained. Let us know if we missed anything.